The Purpose of Trauma

What is Trauma?

Trauma is the Greek word for “Wound”. People often think of physical trauma when they hear the word trauma, but trauma also includes emotional trauma, events in life that are not processed, for example abuse, divorce, bullied, mourning, even minor trauma as a criticism by someone.

It is through all these small and large trauma’s that we feel stuck in life and have emotional blockages. Emotional blockages cause physical symptoms. Everything is connected, the physical body is not separated from the emotional body.

All emotional blocks come from the emotional tension of the past events. When it is called Trauma, there is an emotional charge stored in the body when it happens. Trauma can come from this life, but it can also come from a past life.

Why Do We Have Trauma?

Ultimately, everything is about spiritual growing. In this dimension, we grow through pain. In crisis, we look for changes. Earth is a learning school. We all have something to learn here, learn to have love, to have patience and acceptance etc.

When we are free from suffering and can live with high consciousness and bliss, we ascend to a higher dimension and do not have to come back to Earth unless we have a mission here. Even that, we have something to learn.

The deeper the suffering, the higher the calling. Many light workers and healers themselves had many trauma’s and emotional blockages. By getting to know the process themselves, they can help another. Usually, their trauma is a signed contract before their incarnation. They have incarnated on earth several times to get to know the lives on Earth, and are prepared for this life because we are now in a time where earth is rising to a new dimension. We are talking about Earth Ascension. Earth Ascension is only possible when the majority of people awaken.

The unbearable pain is the trigger of awakening. The calling of your soul.

You’ll then look for relief and the meaning of life. Whenever you look for it, you will find it.

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Healing the Birth Trauma

Many of our trauma’s started when we were a fetus. The emotions of the mom during her pregnancy are in great sense influencing the life of her child. All her emotions were actually written in the baby’s DNA. If the mother was unwillingly pregnant or even abandoned the child after birth or even just the thought, the child will feel unwanted and lack of self-acceptance throughout the entire life. If the mother was stressed, angry and had a bad relationship with the dad, the child carry over the emotions and will feel stressed in life too.

A conscious mom is very rare. Mostly they are not aware that their emotions and thoughts would influence the child that much. Even they’re aware, they need to know how to deal with the emotions and not suppress them which eventually get into the babies.

This meditation will rewrite the energy of you as a fetus and your birth, so the positive effect will reach you in the here and now.

I wish you to become a conscious Mom if you’re a female and want to have children.

birth trauma healing
birth trauma healing