Healing Sessions

When your energies are entangled, you’re trapped in a certain thought or emotional pattern.

In a healing session, I will work energetically to help you to neutralize your past (lives) events and traumas that are influencing your life today as well as help you to de-pattern your belief systems. You’ll be guided through meditations to receive healing and insights. I will also open your spiritual blockages with ancient knowledge so that you can grow spiritually in your own unique and fantastic way and walk the path as you were meant to walk in this life. In the end, everything is about raising the vibrations. That’s also part of the healing work. 

More than that, healing is also about creating more space inside of us.

When there is space, there are insights and self-realizations. And that’s how we grow.

This is what you’ll receive in the healing trajectory,

All healing is self-healing. We should never be dependent on any therapist for our happiness.

Therefore, I will provide you with tools for self-healing. It is highly recommended that you do the suggested meditations and exercises at home to retain the healing energy for longer periods and remain in a high vibration.   

You’ll most likely be asked to do the followings under guidance,

All healing sessions can be given on distance. Contact healing is available in Eindhoven and Tilburg in the Netherlands.

Costs: 75euro/hour, a session takes mostly 75-90 mins.