Already since ancient times, people have been talking about wellbeing. Throughout the centuries, humans are looking for wellbeing, and it has become more of an awareness and needs of people in their daily life. But what is wellbeing exactly? Is it not being sick or not having emotional disturbance?

Let’s first look at the word “wellbeing”. It contains the words “Well” and “Being”. The degree of Well is for each individual different, but eventually it tunes into a state of contentment for everyone, whether that is health wise, emotional wise, material wise or spiritual wise. Next, let us examine the word “Being”. This word is broad. It is a state of consciousness. It is a doorway to live in the present moment and be one with Divine Consciousness. “Being” speaks also to the soul and spirit level. We’re not just this physical body, but a spiritual divine being.  

Transformation to Wellbeing is a healing program that focuses on lifting humanities to a state of Well-Being. It covers our needs to be well and content on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.


transformation to wellbeing