Knowledge and Class

Below is some of the Knowledge that I apply to my healing sessions. Some of them are offered as classes so that you can have bigger forms of openings. 

Sound healing

Sound is an energy carrier. Its wave can direct energies and dissolve blockages efficiently. Sound vibration can reach deep into our body and relax body tissues. Our body is made up of 70% water and water is the best carrier of sound. When the body is relaxed, the mind relaxes and the self-healing process begins.

Universal White Time Healing (UWTH)

Universal White Time Healing has the true ability to open our blockages and free us from the weight pulling us down in our daily life. Its source comes from The Beyond, where our Universe and Creation originated from.

The White Light from this source contains all the colors in existence. It gives the person the right color to heal. This energy carries the knowledge of time. Past, present and future co-exist in the same time. This way, the energy can travel to the past, tackling the root cause of problems to heal current situations.

Universal White Time Healing is especially developed for us on Earth. In the Universe, Extra-terrestrials use the White Time tunnel to travel between planets.

Board of Angels and its Gemstone Healing

The Board of Angels come from a different Reality than ours, a place that is beyond and far more profound than our Universe or anything that we can call a Creation. It is the Board of the Highest Divine Angel Beings, Holy Angels of Light. These Angels are nothing like the Angels we know in our world, or universe, such as Archangels and Guardian Angels. Instead, the Board of Angels forms the foundation of creating all the angels existing everywhere and in all levels. We call it the cooking recipe or periodic table of angels.

Both the receiver and giver will be surrounded and embraced by the Divine Angel Beings, the highest and purest form of all angelic beings. Be touched by their Holy and Divine Light. Happiness, love, peace, joy, and creativity flow into the entire being by the Holy Angel of Light. It is complete unconditional love. The energy is sweet and soft. It heals in the level of body, soul and spirit all at once. 

The angelic gemstone’s energy goes even deeper into the body. It gives a person insight into what he/she wants in life.

This Angel Class will change your life and the world. You work with the energies where your essence comes from, a place before the Creations.

The Board of Knowledge

This is an ancient Knowledge which contains EVERYTHING that is existing, has been existed and will come to exist everywhere in our Reality. It comes from the same place as The Board of Angels. Every Sign on The Board of Knowledge is Knowledge, and it opens up a person, an animal, nature, light being, a planet, an universe, and everything else for their spiritual growing, moving towards their Total Spiritual Enlightenment. It untangles the trauma cords of a living being.

The Board of Gems

The Board of Gems is a branch of The Board of Knowledge. It describes all the gemstones, crystals, and minerals that exist everywhere in our Reality. Gemstones have unique ways to raise and refine our energy vibrations and frequencies. The Board of Gems works with both Signs and gemstones, which enhance each other. Its layouts expand our consciousness. It helps us to experience our higher beings, like our extra-terrestrial bodies, our angel bodies, and our higher selves. It brings us closer towards a New Earth being. All this is just a small part of what it does. Every Sign represents the inner vibration of everything that exists physically and non-physically, but it also represents the vibrations that exist in our thoughts, emotional world, and dream world.