Holy Water

This Holy Water contains the Divine Quality from a different Reality than ours. It is a Reality before all Creation started, before Time existed. They are made with the energy from our ultimate Origin.

Reality Water of Board of Knowledge

This Water brings out the highest and finest potential in a person and in their lives in this Reality. It works on the cell, atom and DNA level. The Reality Water gives us our true place in this Reality. Give them to your healing stones, gems or crystals and they will bring out the highest, best, purest potential in them in this Reality. This Water has a very strong energy.

Love Water of Board of Knowledge

The Love Water is for all kinds of Love, including Self Love. It has the beautiful energy of Love. Love is the only word you need to describe this Water.

Holy Angel Water of Board of Angels

This Holy Angel Water can be tuned to have any purpose to fulfill your wishes. It touches and works with anything in Time and Space. It is the Divine gift of the Highest and Purest Angel there is. The energy of this Water is soft and sweet, like angels. This Water can also be tuned to make contacts with your guardian angels, guides, Higher Self or for your Tarot cards.

Transformation to Well-Being Water of The Absolute Board

This Water is made with the most spacious and expanding Divine quality. One single drop would have the pureness and harmony to “see” and perceive the unbalanced frequencies that could be present in a person. The energy of this Water is soft and beautiful.

Divine Spiritual Growing Water of Total Sun’s Board

The energy of this Water comes from the Holiest and most radiating Divine Quality. This Water helps everything and everyone to grow spiritually in a humble way. It opens up the heart chakra.

All of these Holy Waters can be used for anything anywhere, one drop in nature can reach to miles away. All Waters will bring you forward in your spirituality. You can drop them in your food, drinks, in your house or garden. Or drop them in your chakras for relaxation and cleansing. You can give them to your crystals to bring out the best quality and potentials.

The energy of these Waters cannot be measured in value. They’re far more beyond what we can understand.  

The only thing I charge is the time and material that I spend to make the Water. Every Water is individually made. The content is 30ml.