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An explanation of the real cause and cure of disease by Edward Bach

疾病的真实成因和治疗解析,献给受苦和在苦难中的人。爱德华 巴曲/巴哈 著

The 38 Remedies placed under the category of Fear, Uncertainty, Insufficient interest in present circumstance, Loneliness, Over sensitive, Despondency or despair, Over care for others. By Edward Bach

所有疾病背后隐藏着我们的恐惧,焦虑,贪婪,好恶与爱憎。当这些负面情绪修复之后,折磨我们的疾病也随之肖然离去。本书对38种不同的人格情绪状态做了简单的描述,无论是治疗自己或他人, 都可以容易识别出当时存在的某种或几种人格情绪状态,并给出需要的花精进行治疗。爱德华 巴哈 著


DNA Purification

Start your day fresh with this meditation

DNA purification by Shuning Li-Faber (This is not a replacement of your medical care)

Spiritual Signs

Strengthen the physical and mental body
Given by Channie West

This sign will strengthen you both physically and mentally. It will strengthen your immune system. It brings forth positivity and work preventive in keeping negative energies away. It will give strength to the choices you want to make and the ones you’ve already made.

Print and laminate it and carry it with you, give to others, give to animals, heal food.
Place it on the thymus to heal feelings. Place on your heart for Love.

Spiral of Signs

Spiral of Signs
Given by Channie West

This Spiral with its Signs can give you a big relief in your everyday life. It can be
used in whatever way you wish.

You can leave it out visible or carry it in your pocket to get energy through the
day. You could also put it under your plate or under a glass with your beverage to
positively effect and increase the frequency percentage. It is incredibly
positive to be able to charge one’s food, beverages, and water with The Spiral of
Signs right now. If you were to put it under a candle instead, you will charge your
home and the surroundings with good energies. Ground frequencies will also
increase around your home and will in turn increase the frequencies for everything
that is growing near and around your home. This will help animals that eat the
greenery around your house to feel better too.

You can also send The Spiral of Signs via distance. Put your right hand on The
Spiral of Signs and then lift the hand and hold it up with the palm facing away
from you and send with your thought to someone or something.
You can hold The Spiral of Signs towards your body for your own frequency.
This will balance you, coordinate the energies so that we become more in balance
with the food we eat and drink. This without lowering our own frequency. You
need to try and see what works best for you.

Some of the Signs comes from The Second Reality. That is what is so special
with The Spiral of Signs. It allows completely different possibilities to present themselves for you, your life and your surroundings. It carries those possibilities
and answers that were not created when this, our Creation, once upon a time, came
to be. Outstanding and powerful possibilities that can reshape and create a new
precondition and continuation for everything. You can become one of those who
makes a difference. The Spiral of Signs is not only helping you, your near and dear
ones, or your home, it helps absolutely everything here.