The Sound we carry

Our body is made up of sound, light and colors which are vibrations in nature. Each of us is like an instrument, such as violin. Every violin has a unique sound because of the wood, strings, and other materials that have been used to produce the violin. The background of the wood, where it comes from, in what conditions it grew up, how old it is, what kind of tree it is from all contribute to the sound. Same applies to the strings and other materials. Each of the violin is absolutely unique in the look and the sound. Every violin has its optimum sound when it’s tuned right. The best quality of violin can produce chaos music depending on how it’s played and who is playing it.

Let’s consider the player of a violin as mind. We call a player that knows what he / she is doing The Conscious mind. In the opposite case the unconscious mind. And the sound it produces as emotions, and the music the player chooses to play is the chapter of life. You are the violin and the player in One.

When the violin is not tuned, it doesn’t give harmonized sound and cannot make the music you desire. Every person can tell if a violin is tuned or not by listening to it, even that person has no background in music. Emotions are vibrations and are like sound. When a person speaks, it is easy to tell what emotions he / she carries and at what consciousness level that person is. Every time we speak, we manifest the sound we carry. Luckily, we can consciously change the tone we speak and there are many ways to tune the sound into harmony.

Every violin player knows that the more you play the violin, the better sound it gives. When you speak, you vibrate out the sound you carry. The more you speak with balanced emotions and conscious mind, the more you manifest these qualities. You can consciously tune yourself with the energy and vibration you want to carry, and manifest it in sound to enhance the effect. In other words, speak when you’re tuned with such frequencies. The more you do, the better it gets. If you record it and play it back, you can feel the qualities. These qualities can also be manifested in writing through words, like a composer manifests the music he/she has in mind on paper through notes. When you read the notes, you hear the music.

Every time you speak a word or make a sound, you manifest the vibrations you carry. When you write down your vibrations in words, you manifest it more.

A conscious player with his/her violin knows where best to expose him/herself and the violin in order to get inspiration and produce beautiful music. A conscious player tunes the violin every time he/she plays it. In contrary, an unconscious player may expose the unit in chaos environment and not be able to play the sound that is desired and probably never tunes the violin.

We all have the quality of top players; it is what you choose to do with your instrument.   

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