The Key to Successful Life

Key to successful life

Success in many people’s eyes are achieving goals, acquiring and accumulating wealth, prestige and power or being surrounded by admirers. All is to have a sense of secure financially and emotionally. True success is a sense of trust, being liberated from anxiety and fear, changing the inner to let the outer unfold, instead of garnishing the outer to hide and ignore the inner.   

Life. What is life? What is our purpose and why do we exist? All humans have these questions. We all have a purpose on Earth, to perform certain tasks or learn particular lessons or grow spiritually. But we’re also here to Create, to manifest the wishes of Divine. That is probably the most important purpose of life. The All had to manifest itself in a physical plane to see what it has, to understand itself and see its fantastic qualities. In order to see what it has, it needs to create what it does not have. We call it duality. Whatever qualities the All has, we have them in ourselves. Divine has given us the creational force to manifest its wishes through us. Our deepest wishes from the loving heart will always be fulfilled. Our wish equals Divine wish. Since the All is infinite, it has to create countless beings and individuals in different planes, dimensions, worlds etc to see what it got and what it’s capable of, with each unique. It is essential to realize our own uniqueness.

If we focus on creating what we want, in other words, what the Divine wants to manifest through us, we’ll be given all supports we need. The moment you have the conscious intention to let the Divine manifest through you and take actions, you’re tuning with its qualities and possibilities. Your life will become much joyful.

In the state of Creation, there is no thoughts, no analyzing, no expectation. It is simply IS. All information you need is flowing around and available to you, in the way of feelings, image, experiences or other sense perceptions.

A peaceful mind with a conscious intention is the key. A peaceful mind is an accumulation of numerous small peaceful moments. Like harmonizing your tones often enough, so that it can stay in the desired tone easily. Have a space of your own, where you can spend time with yourself, quiet your mind and sink to your soul and spirit each day. 

A conscious intention comes from a deep trust, believe and knowingness. Every moment we can have a conscious intention, from the simplest things to bigger act, like how do we want to live our day today, how do we want to experience each moment. If you decide to write a book, what effects do you want it to have on the audience. Then simply trust whatever your intent is, is being realized. Apply it in everything you do. Without a conscious intention, we react instead of act, we let others drive our lives instead of taking the lead.    

Science has discovered the so called “observer effect”. Traditional physics suggests that electrons move around an atom in a certain orbit. Quantum physics implies that an electron can be anywhere around an atom, the possibility of its position is infinite. It is the observer who is looking at it let the probability collapse into reality. The electron appears where the observer wants to see it. 

So is life, the possibility of life is infinite, it is how you want to live it.

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