Individual Session

Bring a wish with you. Think about what you want in your life. Maybe you don’t have the bigger picture yet, but only the fragments. That’s enough to start with. Try to capture how you’ll feel when you’re living in the life you desire. And bring on that feeling already. In the end, it’s all about how we feel. It’s never about what we possess or achieve, but how we feel and evolve. The outer is only a reflection of the inner.

In a healing session, we’ll work on things that will help you to have a deeper connection with the feeling of your desired life. It can be a healing of the past, calming the mind, a spiritual upgrade or meditations and visualizations to open up things. We all have the creational power and force within us. The ALL manifested us with its qualities in each one. It’s essential to understand that everything happens in your life is because you have created it in your mind and feelings. This program exists is because of your deep wish to heal and transform. You’re the power and force!

If you feel resonated, please contact me to book a session.

Start your day fresh with this meditation

DNA purification

All our emotions and memories are stored in our cells and DNA’s. This meditation will help you to release the energies in the DNA’s that are blocking you. It’s not a replacement of your medical care, but it helps you to start your day fresh! That heals you in the longer run.

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