Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)

Highly Sensitive Persons are sent to Earth to perform Divine tasks. They are the light workers on Earth. They came mostly from other planets or other origins and incarnated on Earth to help Mother Earth’s ascension. Indigo Child and Crystal Child are Highly Sensitive Persons, but HSP’s are broader than these “categories”.

These people are hyper sensitive, this a Divine Gift given to them which they carry with them when they were born. It is the Divine antenna. Their connection with Divine is very strong and they can be easily opened up if they’re now unaware. However, because of this hyper sensitivity, HSPs feel everything around them and inside of them, both positive and negative. Mostly they suffer with the gift instead of making use of it, especially in the beginning when they were unconscious. They may become depressive, isolated, angry, stressed because of all the energies they dragged with them.

The Highly Sensitive Persons are very interested in angels, healings, working with energies, channeling, anything related working with higher realms, because they feel so much Home with Divine Light. One challenge remains in life is that they feel the negativities that decreases their energies.

If you recognize yourself as HSP, it is important to do protections. It is important to purify and increase your energies every day. However, the most important thing is to stop thinking that you’re a victim. Instead you’re the helper of the world. Think about how Jesus has walked his life. He remembered his tasks and he believed in his father and sacrificed himself for the world. Of course, you don’t have to sacrifice your body. Your “sacrifice” is that you have to do more daily routine works than others, and you will need to accept whatever you experience. If one day you’re ready, try to carry these thoughts with you when you go out, and see what will happen, what can hurt your light. When you carry such thoughts, you actually open yourself up and you’ll realize that nothing can hurt you. Shift yourself from the victim role to a victory role, you’ll gain strength and that is your best protection.

In truth, there is nothing that can hurt your essence, because in essence you’re light. Nothing can hurt light. What can be hurt is the egoic mind, which causes the resistance of pain. The resistance of pain is the actual cause of the pain.

Our body and mind are the instruments to manifest Divine wishes in a physical plane. They’re essential in the big picture. However, they’re also the restrictions. If you have ever meditated with your soul traveling out of your body, you’ll notice when you meditate, it is so free, and when you come back you slowly feel the heaviness again. This physical plane has lower vibrations, actually the lowest vibrations in all dimensions. The physical body is like a wall, when an energy hit the body, it stops and doesn’t pass through. Mostly it’s held inside. Like your pores were open, and suddenly an unpleasant energy come in, the body sensed it and translated to the mind, then the mind shut all pores. By this movement, the energy is stored in the pores. You can replace the word pore by cell-receptor. Good news is that you can open up yourself and send the unpleasant energy back to the Universe with your imagination, and stay in your own energy again.

Remember that you’re from the minorities, you walk in the crowd of the majority that are unconscious. You’re here to help and not to suffer. Keep your focus on your assignment on Earth and discover your true self, and you’ll find that life is so beautiful and your path is so fruitful. 

light of highly sensitive person (HSP)

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