Book a Distance Healing

During distance healing, it is best that you sit or lay down in a comfortable and receptive position, meaning with your palms facing upward either on your thighs or either side of your body if you are lying down. If the listed time below is your night time, you’ll receive the healing as well. The only thing you need to do is have an intention that you’ll receive healing at that night before you go to bed.

Please avoid wearing red or black clothes during the healing session. Hold an intention to tune in with the Divine Energy that is sent to you.

You’ll receive the bill after the healing session with a link for payment. You can also transfer the payment via your bank if you prefer this method.

In order to send you healing on distance, I need your legal name, a recent photo of you, and the name of the city and country where you live in.


A Checklist Before Your Healing Session

A distance healing costs 75 euros; however, I currently offer a discount on these sessions for 55 euros. You’ll be billed afterwards.

From the second session onwards, I will guide you through meditations via Skype or Zoom. Time can be more flexible than the times listed below.

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