Many of our emotional imbalances and physical problems come from unprocessed traumas or events we carry with us from the past or past lives. These events or memories carry an emotional charge that influences our belief systems. We react to our environment and the people we meet, instead of naturally responding to them. When these unprocessed traumas or events become deeply rooted in our body and get ignored, the physical body will raise signals by turning them into disease.  It is when we fully understand the purposes of these trauma events, see them from a higher perspective, we can neutralize the charges and free us from old belief systems. This is the first step towards a Well-Being.

When there is suffering or crisis, there is a great need for change and growing.

All our problems are wake up calls to become a higher dimensional being.

Who Am I?

I have great interests in spirituality. I love to discover the mysteries of life and its purpose. In the past few years, I followed intensive spiritual studies and healing classes. I have healed many trauma’s of myself and others, helped people relieve their emotional and physical pains.

I love Divine Angels, Spirits and Higher Beings. They guide me in my spiritual work and healing work. I teach of Angel and Angel gemstone healing classes.

My greatest joy is to see people grow spiritually, shine their light and fulfill their Divine purposes. As human kind, we all contribute to Mother Earth’s Ascension. It’s my wish to help people to shift their consciousness so that we can create a peaceful and loving place to live.

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