The same substance that created the human body, created the universe. Scientist calls it the String, which is vibration in nature. Each person has a unique tone, a tone that the person currently carries and a harmonized tone. Both tones belong to that person and is absolutely unique. This tone is vibrating in the energy web through time and space. Time and space is waving through all lives, through our body and the universe. It’s in matter, space, air and everywhere. It’s invisible.

Everything we carry with us, emotions, physical conditions and thoughts are emitting from our body out to the energy web. A web that is waved through time and space and a web that is filled with information.

Our consciousness travels through time and space, which means we can travel into our body and out to the universe with our consciousness. All time exist in the same time, past, present and future. They are all vibrating through time and space in the same time. That’s why clairvoyant can see into past lives and future.

Fortunately, we’re able to influence this vibration by changing our own tone. Like tuning an instrument. It produces the sound with the tone you tune with. If you tune with the Divine vibration, you become a Divine being. The creational force and divine consciousness is through all of us. Everyone has its tone. The reason that we are not ourselves, is that other tones are too loud. We should turn on the divine channel, like in a radio. The more people tune with it, the more popular it becomes, and the easier it is for others to tune with.

Transformation to Wellbeing is to help us to tune with this divine channel and vibration, our original unique tone. We do not focus on solving problems, instead we create the vibration, the sound that we love to hear. Tune the String, with the sound of which we want to become. We are all creators in nature, we can create what we want in life. And you already know what you want in your life, because your beautiful future is vibrating and shining in the web now!

Let’s create this ripple effect and create a master piece of music on Earth.

Holy Water

These Holy Waters contain the quality before Creations started, before Time existed. They are made with the energy from our ultimate Origin. Holy Water is ideal to use to harmonize our vibrations and tune our tones with Divine frequencies by filling up the space in our body with Divine energies.

Reality Water

This Water brings out the highest and finest potential in a person and in their lives in this Reality. It works on the cell, atom and DNA levels. The Reality Water gives us our true place in this Reality.

Holy Angel Water

This Holy Angel Water can be tuned to have any purpose to fulfill your wishes. It touches and works with anything in Time and Space. It is the Divine gift of the Highest and Purest Angel there is.

Transformation to Well-Being Water

This Water is made with the most spacious and expanding Divine quality. One single drop would have the pureness and harmony to “see” and perceive the unbalanced frequencies that could be present in a person.

All of these Holy Waters can be used for anything anywhere, one drop in nature can reach to miles away.

About me

I have studied many healing methods and gained knowledge from different origins. They are leading me to a new direction. A new healing program which is so natural that we simply forget wants to be born.

After a few years of spiritual studies, I have felt the creational web. A web that is waving through all things. Some calls it the Divine Matrix, others call it the unified energy field or an energy net. There are many names of it, but all pointing to the same. If you connect with it, it’s like going to the background of everything. It gets so obvious why things are the way as they are. The foreground is the form of our lives which is created out of the background.

It’s like a computer program, say a website. The webpage you see is the form, the mind understands it and interacts with it. Behind it is the PHP language, the code that creates the form, the website and its pages. By changing simple things in the code, the form can easily collapse or change to something completely different no matter what you have put in the form. If you go to a deeper layer, it is only “0” and “1”. It’s unseen, but it creates everything you see as form. Our feeling and consciousness are the languages which communicates to this energy web. We create our own realities in the form.

All solutions are already available in the creational web, you only need to manifest it into your reality by focusing on what you want, because what you focus is what you get. A feeling of trust is the background, the solution is only the form in the foreground. There was no time in the original creation process, but all is available and stored in time and space within the creation. Everything suits everything else perfectly and comes in the perfect timing. What you need is trust and action, recognize it when it’s given and be grateful.

The understanding of the creational web, string theory and observer effect is the foundation of this healing program. I dare to say, any healing program on earth applies one or more of these foundations. I’m not a scientist, and I won’t explain them in the way scientists do. In my opinion, science is discovering spiritual essence with facts so that the mind understands. In the end, everything is the same.

I love to help people to create new consciousness, to live from trust and believe. It only needs a small portion of Earth population to create the 100th Monkey Effects. Everything is connected, you can’t change one thing without changing the other. When you evolve, you lift up millions of others without you even knowing it.

If you believe that you can make a difference in your life and for the world, join me to co-create A New Earth Consciousness.

With love,